Jim Penman started a part-time gardening business while earning his PhD in history at Latrobe University. He launched a full-time mowing business in 1982 with a $24 investment. He originally aimed only at taking on subcontractors, but his business grew and he gradually began to specialise in the building up and selling of lawn mowing rounds.

By 1989 he franchised his business, and since then the Jim’s Group has become the largest franchise chain in Australian and the largest and best-known lawn mowing business in the world. Now with over 52 Divisions and 4000 franchisees nationally the group can service nearly anything you could think of. Jim’s Real Estate, being a newer division of the Jim’s Group, is independently owned and since its arrival in Early 2018 is grown and is on ground in both Victoria and South Australia

Often you hear business’s talk about their culture but rarely follow through with actions. At Jim’s Real Estate, we know that our clients and their property needs are our most valuable asset and Jim’s Group have proven this over the years with their extraordinary customer service that they have become famous for. That is why we are committed to ensure our team of experienced and trained agents, are ready and willing to meet your needs. We aspire to provide the ultimate customer experience for you, while keeping you abreast of events at every point in your property transaction. We always remember that we are working for YOU! Our passion as a team keeps us engaged with you to work towards your outcomes while delivering a professional standard.

With over 800,000 calls per year to our customer call centre the Jim’s Brand has become focused on what clients needs are and the importance of the focus on the clients needs. We are proud of Jim's brand and the integrity it represents. Operating as a customer value driven organisation, we work together as market leaders to consistently deliver the best possible result for you, our client. Being part of a greater brand, we are also able to call on other Jim’s Group service providers to ensure your property is presented to its best standards.

The Jim’s Real Estate Leadership Team

Trish Meweett
Divisional and Managing Director

Stuart Greig
Victorian Franchisor/ Jim’s Real Estate Licensee

Phil Im
Head of Marketing

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